Irani has a benefits package for all its employees.

The company has restaurants in its plants. In those places where it has administrative offices, IRANI has signed agreements with the restaurants. It also provides employees with a monthly food basket or food card.

IRANI provides transportation for employees who live far from the factories.

Life Insurance
IRANI has a group life insurance plan, benefiting employees and their families.

Health Insurance
In all units, IRANI has a partnership with Unimed for its Health Plan, which serves all employees and direct dependents.

Dental Plan
The costs of the dental procedures in this agreement are lower than those charged in the market. The costs of the procedures are paid equally by the Company and by the employee; this value is deducted from their payroll. This agreement is with Uniodonto, a nonprofit making dental cooperative.

Education Grants
The Development and Education Incentive Policy is a form of investment, which aims to train and improve the skills and professional development of Celulose Irani personnel

Profit Sharing Program
The Profit Sharing Program - PPR intensifies the relationship with employees by monitoring their success factors, as well as recognizing the efforts and assistance to the targets proposed in the year.

Agreement with the Masterfarma network
The plan allows the employees to use up to 20% of their nominal salary to make purchases at MasterFarma/SESI with payments being due by up to 40 days after receiving this merchandise.