Corporate Polices

Celulose Irani SA Corporate Responsibility Policies were created to ensure compliance with the conduct aligned to the company culture and to improve its practices.

Composed with these Policies are; Social Responsibility, Environmental Quality, Inclusion of People with Disabilities, Health and Safety, Corporate Volunteers and the Purchase of Timber.

Imagem do case Quality Policy

Aim to spread the values cultivated by IRANI throughout its history, standardize and refine actions such as the permanent commitment in managing our business; we have established our quality policy for the knowledge of all our employees, customers and community.

Seek the satisfaction of our customers, delivering quality products that meet the agreed specifications, intended use, statutory and regulatory requirements, safely in the supply of service excellence;

2 Search constantly to develop new products and solutions to optimize the performance of the productive chain in which we operate, focusing on the customer focus as a way to anticipate needs and exceed expectations;

3 Continually endeavor to improve the entire quality management system, to achieve excellence and being focused on the end result;

Carry out the procedures correctly and follow defined standards to ensure the quality and costs of our products and services;

5 Seek stable, transparent and focused partnerships that are based on mutual benefits with customers and suppliers;

6 Enhance the personal and professional development of the employees, promoting teamwork as a determinant factor for the success of the Company;

7 Contribute to the survival and sustained growth of IRANI, promoting an adequate return on investment and ensuring employment and income in the communities in which it operates.

Imagem do case Environmental Policy

Celulose Irani S.A. in its activities related to paper-making, corrugated cardboard packaging, wood, rosin and turpentine is fully aware of the importance of preserving the environment, exercising social responsibility, practice sustainable development, using clean technologies and reduce environmental impacts .

The Company undertakes to:

1 Comply with environmental regulations and promote responsible corporate actions at a local, regional and global level;

2 Maintain an environmental management system that seeks the continuous improvement of its activities, adopting measures and devices to prevent pollution that are technically proven and economically viable;

Promote the sustainable use of its forests and consider the research and transfer of technology in all its activities;

Include environmental criteria in its contracts and activities with suppliers, service providers, integrated and other employees.

Imagem do case Wood Purchasing Policy

Celulose Irani SA acquires wood and pinus chips for the Kraft pulp and chemi-mechanical pulp processes and implements efforts to avoid buying these products from controversial sources, in accordance with the FSC®.

The Company undertakes to:

1 not acquire illegally harvested timber;

2 not to purchase wood harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights;

3 not to purchase wood from forests where high conservation values are threatened by forest management activities;

4 not to purchase wood from native forests being converted to plantations or non-forestry use;

5 not to purchase wood from forests where genetically modified trees are planted.

Imagem do case Social Responsibility Policy

Celulose Irani SA aims to ensure compliance with its internal rules, in accordance with the applicable laws and the full respect for the communities, workforce, society, environment and other public related to it, pledging to:

1 guarantee that in their units and throughout the production chain there does not exist any kind of forced or child labor;

2 deploy in all its units, standards of excellence in health and safety in accordance with the Health and Safety Policy. Disseminate and demand that service providers also adopt these same standards;

3 respect diversity, not accepting decision criteria based on things such as ethnicity, social class, nationality, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, age, union or political party membership;

4 ensure that in the Company premises there is no kind of physical abuse, sexual and/or moral harassment or abuse and respect for employees, guaranteeing them the right to join trade unions, of his free choice;

5 comply with all applicable laws regarding working hours, adhering to the terms set forth in the collective bargaining agreement, in addition to wages and benefits, ensuring access by all employees, without distinction of any kind;

6 prioritize social investments in communities around the plants  supporting projects aimed at development of children and young people in education, culture, citizenship, sport and environment, through partnerships;

7 carry out annual planning to support social initiatives, defining resources and budgets to encourage transparency rules in the management of the project.

Imagem do case Policy for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities

Celulose Irani SA informs, through this document, its commitment to the inclusion of people with disabilities in its workforce, from a socially responsible attitude.

The inclusive policy aims to enhance the professional development of disabled people and promote diversity in the company, pledging to:

1 promote a better quality of life, going beyond the legal criteria, concerned with the accessibility and adaptation to an appropriate work environment;

2 encourage individual responsibility, professional qualifications, commitment, performance, through integration and training, for all employees;

3 prioritize the hiring of disabled people, when there are any vacancies;

4 hire as young apprentices and/or trainees, disabled people;

5 provide a good environment for the contracted work, checking the accessibility standards and adapting the workstations and the required access points.


Imagem do case Corporate Volunteer Policy

Celulose Irani SA in line with its practice of social investments seeks to encourage its employees to expand their activities in the social field.

For this, in relation to volunteer work, the Company undertakes to:

1 stimulate voluntary activities that are aligned to its mission, vision and values;

2 encourage the voluntary participation of employees in deeds that are promoted by the Company;

3 encourage employees to share their knowledge and skills, acting as volunteers;

4 ensure that the employee who participates in volunteer activities comply with the established rules, perform their tasks with diligence and responsibility and be accountable for their work carried out for the business;

5 release the employees during working hours to perform volunteer work in the activities promoted by the Company, as long as this is duly proven;

6 guide the employees wishing to perform volunteer work to select activities that are suitable to their profile, increasing the chances of success in the work being carried out, depending on the alignment of the specificity of each action with the personal characteristics and skills of each volunteer.

Imagem do case Health and Safety in the Workplace Policy

Celulose Irani SA is committed to strive for excellence in Health and Safety at Work, constantly improving the Quality of Working Life of its employees or those who provide services on the Company premises.

The Company undertakes to:

1 prepare and implement activities aimed at promoting health and the well-being of people;

2 foster a Culture of Healthy Living;

3 carry out plans for preventing accidents and diseases at work, based on occupational health statistics;

4 continuously improve the Health and Safety at Work services;

5 educate and train, periodically, all people being involved in the Health and Safety at Work.