Innovation Management

The management of innovation in Celulose Irani is carried out by a team working in a focused way on the systematization of management processes that facilitate open innovation.

With a multifunctional nature, the IRANI Center for Innovation interacts with all business units and the market (STI's and Companies) and has the following main functions:

Facilitate the development of partnerships with Scientific-Technological Institutes (STI´s) in technological innovation projects (product or process);

Relate with partner Companies to develop scientific research and technological projects

Seek special lines of financing to make the technological innovation projects viable;

Maximize the use of tax incentives provided for under the “Lei do Bem” (Fiscal Incentive Benefits because of Technological Innovation) (Law No. 11,196, Nov/2005);

Encouraging a culture of intrapreneurship and innovation with all the Company's employees;

Guarantee sustainability (economic, environmental and social) as a prerequisite for innovation.

Manage the Company´s Intellectual Property.

Manage and stimulate the generation of internal and external ideas

The Innovation Center uses concepts and methodologies aligned with the Oslo Manual ( from the OECD, which provides guidelines for collecting and interpreting innovation data.

The culture of innovation within IRANI is also driven by the training and development activities of the personnel. These organizations involve the use of (Innovative) skills and aim to develop creative approaches and solutions with a client-oriented focus.