Managing for Sustainability

Irani has an area of ​​Sustainability Management for that has the mission of disseminating and reinforcing the concept of sustainability among employees and various stakeholders.

In partnership with the Sustainability Committee, the area seeks to promote innovative solutions to everyday attitudes and build a company committed to sustainability, seeking high standards of governance based on transparency and ethics in the eyes of various stakeholders.

The area is also responsible for managing projects and social investments, the Company volunteer program, for the content of the Sustainability Report and supporting the Ethics Committee. It also performs various initiatives in partnership with the Environmental Management area.

  • Efficient Diversity Program

    Efficient Diversity Program
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    Social projects
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    Surrounding Communities
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  • Sustainability Committee

    Sustainability Committee
The dignity of the human is to have the opportunity to work. With this understanding, IRANI has developed, since 2004, the Efficient Diversity Program in all its units, with a commitment to promote quality of life at work .

The program facilitates the accessibility and adaptation to living in a suitable environment, encourages individual responsibility, vocational skills, commitment and performance through integration, monitoring, and training for all employees.

The program also aims to meet Article 93 of Law no. 8.213/91 in relation to the legal reservation of jobs for Persons with Disabilities.

IRANI has worked to create conditions to facilitate the adaptation of employees to the workplace.

If you know someone who wants to fulfill their potential to grow, ask them to forward the detailed curriculum to, with the subject PCD.


In Santa Catarina, IRANI has partnership with two wheelchair basketball teams: the Concordia Eagles and ARAD.

ARAD – Associação Regional dos Atletas Deficientes (Regional Association of Disabled Athletes)

ARAD is located in Joaçaba-SC- it is a nonprofit making organization in the disabled sports area. It was founded in 2006, the Association conducts training in wheelchair basketball and encourages the inclusion of professional athletes.

Eagles of Concordia - Associação de Portadores de Deficiência Física (Association of People with Physical Disabilities)

Located in Concordia-SC, the Association People with Physical Disabilities Eagles has the purpose of social integration through sports such as wheelchair basketball and canoeing. The activities encourage the overcoming of the individual limits and promote a significant improvement in the self-esteem of athletes.

In 2010 the Celulose Irani Basketball Wheelchair Cup was held, streng thening the support given to the teams and mobilizing associations that carry out initiatives such as these in the state of Santa Catarina.

IRANI is a big driver of growth and development of the regions where it has its production processes.

Because of this posture, it benefits all of society directly and affects the employability of the residents from the towns surrounding the Company´s manufacturing facilities.

It maintains relationships with local prefectures, with state governments and Federal Government representatives, seeking to encourage use of public resources in the infrastructure in its region.

Conducted in partnership with the Bonita Vargem (SC) Prefecture, Basic School Galeazzo Paganelli and the Environmental Police from Concordia (SC), the project trained 27 youth peer educators and environmental protectors.

Through proprietary methodology created by the PM Ambiental, participants received weekly instruction on topics related to the environment in theoretical and practical activities.

The project culminated with a graduation ceremony and student travel. 

The young people will be involved in initiatives relating to the environment and promoted by IRANI and the Campina da Alegria community.

IRANI in partnership with SESI from Santa Catarina maintains in Campina da Alegria the SESI Project ‘Athlete of the Future’ (PAF).

The project involves children and adolescents aged from 7 to 15 and works on the issue of sport concomitant to some crosscutting themes for the development of citizenship.

Structured around three pillars: ongoing activities respecting age ranges, development of crosscutting issues and the involvement of the family, the Athlete of the Future project seeks to develop in children and young people, the habit of sports through social and educational activities. It consists of courses on motor initiation, pre- sport initiation, learning and sporting improvement in different sports disciplines.

In developing this project, IRANI aims to broaden the opportunities for access to sport and support the training of citizens. The PAF is developed by SESI, with the appropriate methodology and results monitoring.

The project is called Broto do Galho, and aims to empower the involved artisans in the basics of management, development and manufacture of handicraft products with industrial waste from the Paper and Packaging factories - SC, allowing the generation of productive occupations, and aggregating income to the project participants .

Product development

To make the products two techniques are used: Papier-mâché and corrugated cardboard pipe.

The first uses as a raw material, waste effluents. This waste come from the wastewater treatment process of the Paper Mill and consists of a blend of fibers that are recovered in the Effluent Treatment Station (ETE) and biological sludge generated from secondary treatment (biological). The fibers are recovered are losses from the pulp and paper production.

These residues undergo a process of cleaning and preparation of the material so that the parts can be constructed later. After drying, the pieces go through a finishing process and quality control. Products made from this waste feature in the collection include Paixões do Viveiro (Nursery Passions) and include decorative pieces that make up rustic and sophisticated spaces.

The second technique used by the Broto do Galho uses the corrugated tubes from the Packaging Factory - SC as a raw material. These tubes are used to store the glue used in the production process. The parts produced from this waste are part of the Broto em Papelão collection, made up of picture frames, lamps, penholders, among others.

Both techniques do not use any toxic product.

To manufacture these pieces, the group has the support of designers, who, as well as providing practical help, contribute to workshops and training on design, lectures and workshops on associations and courses in business of administration of small businesses. 

Website Broto do Galho: 

The surrounding communities are the focus of social investments by IRANI. The contribution in the reduction of social inequalities happens through funding of projects developed in the areas of citizenship, sport, culture, education and environmental preservation.
In line with the guidelines set forth in its Social Investment and Social Responsibility Policies, IRANI prioritizes educational, cultural and sports that are in accordance with its principles and values. Campina da Alegria is a community more focused on these initiatives.

Vila Campina da Alegria is a community of about 850 people located near the industrial park in Bonita Vargem - SC. Most of the residents are directly or indirectly connected to IRANI.

Because of its strong relationship with the community, the Company has structured the Vila Campina da Alegria Revitalization Project.

In 2010 in partnership with the University of the West of Santa Catarina (Unoesc) IRANI conducted research to support interventions in Campina da Alegria. From the diagnosis that was obtained a revitalization plan was structured.

The project's has been continuous and will be ongoing until mid 2012, the construction of new homes and conclusion of the renovation of existing houses. The paving of streets and other items of infrastructure are also provided for.

In the social aspect IRANI intensified the 70 years campaign, initiative to support recreation, culture and sport.

Vila Campina da Alegria has a manager specifically trained to deal with social issues and property belonging to the community. Communication between Irani and Campina da Alegria is carried out through the Residents' Association, meetings and the Open Conversation, a monthly printed newspaper that brings the exclusive news about the Company and community events.

 Open Conversation

Aiming to strengthen the relationship with the residents of Vila Campina da Alegria, IRANI maintains a printed informative newspaper called Open Conversation.

The initiative is part of a larger project between Iran and residents and aims to encourage the self-development of Campina da Alegria.

IRANI stimulates volunteer activities and makes this commitment in its Corporate Volunteer Policy and the development of social projects for the neighboring communities near to its business units.

One of the activities maintained by Celulose Irani is a partnership with the organization of practical education in economics and business, Junior Achievement.

This contract has been ongoing for five years, the partnership with Junior Achievement enables IRANI employees the opportunity to voluntarily return to the classrooms of public and private schools and seek to arouse in young people, still at school, the entrepreneurial spirit. It also aims to stimulate personal development, provide a clear view of the business world and facilitate access to the labor market.

Volunteer employees are trained to address issues related to sustainable development.
The program is undertaken in the manufacturing units in São Paulo, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul

To disseminate the concept and practice of sustainability to their internal and external audiences, Celulose Irani SA has structured an internal committee responsible for working on this topic in the Company.

The IRANI Sustainability Committee reports directly to the Board and is composed of employees from various units of the Company. With a multidisciplinary character, the  Committee meets weekly to discuss activities and projects to be carried out with a focus on sustainability.