Product Development

For product development, IRANI maintains a structured area in all plants. Aligned with market trends, this area develops products in innovative ways always seeking the best possible solutions.

The Paper Manufacturing Division is aimed towards the development of inputs, raw materials and new lines of Kraft and recycled paper. It has a structure of technicians and engineers focused on the analysis of the product being made observing the main features of the production process, the final product quality and the cost benefit ratio.

In the Packaging Division, the focus is on the development of differentiated packaging for the different segments of the Abattoir, Food, Fruit, Mechanical and Chemicals and other sectors. The Company is also offers a designer framework for further development of packaging and products in partnership with the customers.

For this process, we offer high-tech equipment such as a high-precision plotter, pallet press, 3D CAD and a program with a real time simulation program with the actual characteristics of specific segments. We also maintain partnerships with large laboratories to perform the various types of tests needed for each project.

IRANI offers all this structure to develop projects for customers in the various segments where they operate.