The IRANI Personnel Development Department has the mission to create the conditions for employees to perform at their maximum potential, growing professionally and personally.

Programs, projects and activities are built that help in this process and provide adequate working conditions, providing the opportunity for development and establishing a more pleasant work environment.

Learn about our principal practices to encourage the development of people in IRANI.


  • Cresce

  • Motiva

  • Supera

  • GERA

The CUIDA program consists of a set of practical and applicable procedures within a model of integrated health and safety management, aligned to OHSAS 18001, and must integrate with the ISO 9001 and 14001 system.

This has the objective of improving the existing culture, encourage behavioral changes in relation to health and safety issues and improves the physical conditions of the workplace, making it safer.

The Specialized Safety Engineering and Medicine Service (SESMT) works in conjunction with the Internal Commission for Accident Prevention (CIPA). It is structured to spread the culture of excellence of health and safety in the workplace for employees and service providers, conduct campaigns, awareness projects and programs for prevention, and address issues related to the enhancement of the quality of life.

The CRESCE program concentrates on carrying out initiatives to improve the technical and behavioral activities of people by developing 10 competencies needed to achieve IRANI´s strategic intent.

This group of competences can be broken down into five basic competences (Culture of Quality, Leadership, Communication, Planning, Organization and Control, and Focus on results) and 5 differential competences (Customer Focus; Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation - R &D; Technology; and Building Relationships).

The initiatives of this program are developed by the area of Training and Development in order to qualify and prepare employees for the challenges of the Company, promoting or assisting with training, external or in company courses and work-related events.

IRANI encourages its employees to seek knowledge and learning and nurture conditions for their development through the creation of programs that include training and development, external courses and in company training.

Besides the ‘in company courses’, Celulose Irani also provides allowances for development and education. This allowance is intended for investment in technical high school courses, undergraduate level, postgraduate (lato sensu, MBA, MSc and PhD), foreign language courses and other courses. IRANI subsidizes up to 50% the monthly payment for the course.

Upon completion of the program, the youths are prepared to enter the job market. Many of them are contracted to work in IRANI and have the opportunity to build a career within the company that they already know.

Besides encouraging the search for knowledge, IRANI invests in conducting behavioral training that is carried out internally.

Through experiential work, the training promotes the emotional intelligence of the participants and develops knowledge, skills and attitudes related to behavioral skills that are operated in the Company. 

Employees have the opportunity to take part in courses for self-development and self-confidence, communication, creativity and innovation, introduction to leadership, and teamwork.

Also held, are entertainment and integration activities with movie screenings. During the activity competencies defined by the CRESCE (GROW) Program. In the artistic sector, educational activities are carried out through Theater and Choir workshops.

The MOTIVA program is the definition adopted by IRANI for the Program for Management of Organizational Climate.

The programs initiatives begin with the organizational climate survey, which seeks to identify the level of employee satisfaction regarding various aspects of work, such as interpersonal, communication, leadership style, career development, recognition, Company image, compensation and health and safety.

As the information is obtained from the survey, action plans are made to work the improvement opportunities. After the implementation of these initiatives, a new cycle of research starts and the process is repeated.

Breakfast with IRANI´s Managing Director enhances the synergy between the teams.

IRANI is concerned with the opinion of its employees, and wants to hear them create directed initiatives, and the Breakfast with the Managing Director is one of them.

The meeting was designed to provide employees with opportunities for a transparent communication channel with the Managing Director. In a casual breakfast there are passed on, in a synthesized way, the IRANI growth strategies and employee commitment to the future of the Company.

Any employee can participate. The selection is made through Personnel Development that registers those that are interested and then conducts a lucky draw of 10 people.

This initiative is carried out in all IRANI plants.

To help improve the organizational climate, IRANI keeps in its plants, Support Groups for Climate Management.

These groups are formed of employees and they aim to provide more interactivity in the activities and maximize relationships with employees, providing adequate working conditions, providing opportunity for developing and establishing a more pleasant work environment.

IRANI carries out this MOTIVATE program because it believes that an important part of the dreams of all people is done through its work.

The SUPERA program is a way of managing based competency and results.

This management model helps and widens the classification standards of performance, enabling the analysis of skills and achievements to assess the skills and the results achieved in a rational way relating to the performance of each employee.

With this program, IRANI aims to promote the development of people, creating a culture of the management of individual performance, developing a culture of feedback through the suitable assessment, encourage employee productivity, identify talent and potentials and recognize differentiated results.

One of the differentials of the SUPERA Program is that all employees can receive an additional payment ranging from 20 to 150% of the monthly salary, completely linked to individual performance. The employee who achieves excellence in the results is automatically included into the Academy of Leaders.

For IRANI, SUPERA is an excellent opportunity to develop the feedback, increase pay and identify internal talent.

The GERA (CREATE) Program includes the need to align and update the policies and procedures for hiring, integration, monitoring and severance of people, with the aim of increasing the longevity of the teams, reduce turnover and enhance the actions of the leaders in the management and development of people, expanding and strengthening the participation of the area of People Development for support.

The current policies provide the opportunity for monitoring employees, to confirm the prognosis at the time of hiring, identify their training and development needs in the Company and to avoid difficulties that may arise in their professional careers.

The GERA Program, together with the CRESCE(GROW), MOTIVA (MOTIVATE) and SUPERA (OVERCOME) Programs, seeks to internally strengthen the company, ensuring that all employed personnel are suitable and integrated to the organizational culture, so that they can be followed in their development, and at the end of the professional agreement, there is evidence of growth of the recognized results.