Quality of Live

Celulose Irani is committed to strive for excellence in health and safety at work; it is constantly improving the quality of life of its employees and those who provide services on their premises.

To maintain the balance between physical and psychological well-being, IRANI continuously reinforces the safety and health practices by the intensification of campaigns, programs and awareness activities.

The culture of healthy living in IRANI is fostered by global preventive medicine. Among the main activities there is included the Workplace Exercise Program, the Program for Quality Hearing of the Workers, Occupational Safety and Dialogues and Excellence (onsite training in the sectors to guide the prevention of accidents at work).

The Company also has a Social Service. The area is responsible for guiding the employee with individual assistance, seeking to mediate the relationship between work and personal issues, follow up through home visits to employees on leave because of sickness, together with employees discover the needs, demands and assist in the Inclusion of People with Disabilities program.

Rediscovering Values Project

The Rediscovering Values Project is structured to guide employees in the pre-retirement phase. The initiative, in addition to providing information related to the current retirement schemes, it works in five ways, topics focused on motivation and the quality of life. The main objective of the Project is to ensure that the pre-retirement phase allows for the rediscovery of values, dreams and prospects that open-up in this period.