Recruitment and Selection

For Celulose Irani the people and their skills are in the spotlight. It is the skills of the employees that provide the key conditions for competitiveness, innovation, development and the growth of the companies.

The IRANI area of Recruitment and Selection of Personnel Development has the responsibility to plan and implement mechanisms to ensure a process of attracting the talent needed, and to define and implement policies and tools to assist in choosing the appropriate professionals.

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The selection of external candidates plays an important role, since it consists of searching among the recruited candidates, for one that has the professional profile that best adapts to existing positions in the Company, glimpsing a match or if possible to increase the efficiency and performance of personnel, as well as the efficiency of the Company.

External Recruitment is done when the specialized knowledge does not exist internally or does not fully meet the needs of current and future job opportunities that are open in the Company.

To encourage career development and the professional advancement of the employee, the Personnel Development recruit internal professionals who have skills to fill the available positions in the Company.

In Iran, Internal Recruitment has priority over external. The search in the labor market (external selection) only occurs if there are no interested parties or professionals who do not meet the requirements and profile for the position or function available.

Internal Recruitment is carried out in all Company units and has leveraged the careers of many professionals.