With 76 years experience, Celulose Irani is currently one of the principal Brazilian industries in the pulp and paper segment.  

The Company produces pulp, Kraft paper in sheets and corrugated boxes and resins. Regarding sustainability, it has the strategy to promote the culture of efficiency by managing for excellence, human development and the culture of innovation.

Throughout its history, IRANI established, as a value, the absolute respect for the environment and people. It has incorporated the concept of sustainability into its business, ensuring high quality products that are in accordance with best management practices.

Currently, IRANI employs 2,472 direct employees. These employees are divided into six business units Paper, Packaging, Resins and Forests. Located in Vargem Bonita - SC and Santa Luzia - MG, Indaiatuba - SP and São Paulo - SP, Balneário Pinhal - RS, and São José do Norte - RS. It also has offices in Joaçaba - SC and its headquarters are located in Porto Alegre - RS. 

Our management is designed, guided and resulted of attitudes and people’s actions. . Our management model - sustainability - is our landmark for the attitudes that result in ethical and transparent activities and everyone involved is aware of them.

The renewable based Irani integrated production  is a guarantee of value creation for customers and society, growth and business sustainability, and a fair and permanent return for the investors.

Last Update: June 14, 2017