Why invest in IRANI?

The materiality of the Celulose Irani SA skills are in its essence and sustainability, the management tool adopted by the Company that allows the production of concrete results in the improvement of financial performance, and it also retains the balance between social and environmental aspects.  

Adopting sustainability in the business means to perform in accordance with a management model that seeks to balance economic, social and environmental development. IRANI grasped this challenge and adopted this model because it wants to be more competitive and believes that the balance and synergy between these pillars produces lasting and admirable results.

In this context, we can see a long-term trend that is very favorable for business, for the high yield in the production of raw material, obtained through the increase of the pine forests, establishing a large competitive advantage, for IRANI, when compared to its global competitors.The efficiency of the forestry production, coupled with a modern production process, have positive effects on the continuity of the business.

From a financial standpoint, the IRANI planning for 2017 foresees investments of approximately R$ 51.9 million for maintenance, productivity improvements and the expansion of production capacity for some of the Company´s product lines.

In fiscal 2016, we invested R$ 62.8 million, primarily directed to the maintenance and improvements of machinery and equipment and improving the Company's physical structures and reforestation.

To achieve this target, IRANI trod the path from the adoption of a management reference model for the continuous improvement in pursuit of better practices and better results. This path includes the Company's commitment to the success of its stakeholders and the consolidation of a relationship based on confidence, ethics, transparency and integrity.

Last Update: february 24, 2017