From a surprise gift to that much anticipated order, every package we make has a purpose: to protect.

Committed to offering packaging with ever smaller weights and superior mechanical strength, our boxes and sheets are produced under a certified quality management system.

We are one of the main Brazilian industrial companies in the packaging and corrugated paperboard segment.

We manufacture boxes and sheets in kraft paper, white and recycled paper of various weights with excellent performance, and corrugated sheets in single and double waves, with strict quality and technical support, always client-centric and dedicated assessment of the needs of each packaging requirement.

After all, wrapping means embracing, and to embrace is to protect.


We are one of the main Brazilian industrial companies in the packaging and corrugated paperboard segment. We use papers of various weights and corrugated sheets in single and double waves.

165,078tons ofcorrugated containerboard
shipped in 2019

packaging produced from acertified quality management system

boxes and sheets
made of
white or

Corrugated Containerboard Products

We manufacture cartonboard and sheets in kraft papers, white and recycled papers
of various weights with excellent performance and corrugated sheets in single
and double waves with strict quality contpaper and technical support.


Characteristics: they are parts which complement package use, adding characteristics needed to its good performance. We manufacture partitions assembled, boards, creased shim, spacers and special projects.

Characteristics: sheets in single and double walls, with high resistance and optimal performance in conversion and printing.
Types of wave: single wall (B, C, E) and Double walls (BB, BC, BE); external layer brown or white.
Grammage: 330 g/m2 to 1440 g/m2


Characteristics: type of box manufactured based on a specific tool (cut and crease molds) and by means of cardbox sheet stamping.

Due to mold use, it enables the creation and adjustment of design for the most varied usages.

(0452 / 0453)
Characteristics: automated assembling boxes for high performance and high resistance lines made by bottom and cover that fit.

(0422 / 0423 / 0424)
Characteristics: hand assembling high resistance boxes made by bottom and cover which fit.

Characteristics: high resistance hand assembling and closing boxes, made by a single piece.

Characteristics: hand and/or automated assembling high resistance boxes, comprising bottom with smaller upper flaps.

Wrapper – 0406
Characteristics: high resistance automated boxes for high performance lines, which wrap the product.

Our Packages Engineering and Technical Assistance staffs develop special designs to meet varied and specific requirements from each client.

Solutions are applied to optimize cost, performance, logistics and productivity at our clients´ production lines.

Characteristics they are boxes made by a single piece, with glued or stamped closing joint, which has upper and/or lower side flaps. They are very practical and versatile. Cut and crease details may be applied to specialize the design to the usage.

Characteristics: boxes which have flaps on upper (cover) or lower (bottom) sides. Bottom flaps are designed for hand locking, with no need of tape and/or glue.

(maleta – 0201)
Characteristics: boxes with upper and lower flaps. Length flaps are placed in the middle of the box width. Flaps sizes and cut and crease details can be optimized according to the client´s needs.

Characteristics: boxes with upper side (cover) or lower (bottom) flaps. Length flaps are placed in the middle of the box width. In general, it is used in pairs as cover and bottom.


Customer Focus is the foundation of our product development process.

Thus, we develop customized packaging, with our Research & Development and Technical Assistance departments as part of the structure to produce boxes that meet and optimize each customer’s specific needs and logistics.

The entire process of developing the packaging is accompanied by a specialized team. Its members identify opportunities and propose solutions that ensure the best performance and efficiency of the product. Our customers, furthermore, can count on instruction on working with corrugated paperboard. Taught by the R&D area, the training is aimed at employees who work with cartonboard and seeks to contribute to our customers’ development and growth.

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