Gaia IX
Intermediate Inventory Automation

With the Gaia IX project, we will automate the output of the corrugator, the intermediate inventory of sheets, the installation of transfer cars and prefeeders, aiming to increase productivity and improve safety at work.


  • Printers will be replaced with new FFG Dual Slotter printer, which produces two boxes at the same time
  • Purchase equipment that allows the cutting of the boxes produced simultaneously
  • Purchase prefeeder, palletizer and conveyors
  • The 2 tying machines available will be overhauled
  • Electrical, automation, mechanical and civil construction installations


  • Raise the production volume of standard boxes
  • Cost reduction
  • Perform the technological upgrade of printers
  • Improvement in process automation, increasing the quality of products
  • Operational safety


The current expansion of the Gaia X project has the following expectations:

Estimated investment

R$ 50,916 K

Expected deadline for completion

36 months

Investment made (until 03/30/24)

R$ 8,413 K

Delivery milestones



Follow-up the progress of project stages and expected deadlines in a macro level.

Delivery MilestonesFFG Dual Slotter printerTwin Box™ SlitterRobotic PalletizerPrefeederTCY Printers and MIDLong BeltsFalcon Special Operation ShutdownStartup (Plan)Deadline (Plan)202320242025QuarterQuarterQuarter1st2nd3rd4th1st2nd3rd4th1st2nd3rd4th


 A expansão gerada pelo projeto Gaia II tem muitas fases e você pode acompanhá-las através dos relatórios, basta fazer download para verificar os detalhes de cada fase do projeto.

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