New Cut and Crease Printer

We want to continue expanding our production capacity. The Gaia VIII project includes the acquisition of a new cut and crease printer that aims to increase our production and increase our operational flexibility. In addition to ensuring higher added value in cut and crease box market.


  • Replacement of the current printer with cut and crease printer with 4 printing units
  • Acquisition and installation of a semi-automatic strapping machine
  • Installation of another palletizing line including an double-headed orbital wrapping machine, bower and conveyor belts
  • Expansion of the cliché room by 66m²


  • Expansion of the palletizing line capacity
  • Increase of the production of cut and crease boxes
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Diversification in the print quality of boxes with four-color equipment


The expansion of the Gaia VIII project in progress has the following expectations:

Estimated investment

R$ 21,318 K

Planned execution time

14 months

Investment made (until 03/30/24)

R$ 15,062 K

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Delivery milestones



Follow up the project stage macro progress and the expected delivery dates.

Delivery MilestonesNew printerStrapping machineFinished goods palletizingClicheria Expansion202220232024QuarterQuarterQuarter1st2nd3rd4th1st2nd3rd4th1st2nd3rd4th2021Quarter3rd4thStartup (Plan)Deadline (Plan)


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