Being an agent of prosperity for people implies to positively interfere in the universe of stakeholders with whom Irani relates: for its clients, by assisting them with packaging solutions that help their businesses; for its employees, promoting their evolution; with society, in developing the communities in which it operates.

Sustainability for us is a management model that balances economic, social and environmental development.

The balance and synergy between these pillars produce enduring and estimable results. The commitment to sustainability is present in our whole business chain: it derives from the forests and is nurtured by the nearby communities, fostering the pursuit of a socially just life.

Annually, we disclose material information about our environmental, social and governance practices. Click here to see our 2023 Integrated Report (ESG).

Sustainability moves us

in the

in the sector
to issue carbon
credits under the
Kyoto Protocol.

in Brazil

to be certified for an Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in accordance with NBR ISO 14.064-1:2006

for the Fritz
Müller Award

over50environmentalawards at regional
and national levels

we recycle over1,460metric tons
of plastic waste from
corrugated cardboard
every year.

Value Relationships

We pay special attention to those whom we have relationships with.

These include shareholders, customers, employees, the neighboring communities, suppliers, the government and the general public.

Our relationships are based on values such as ethics, integrity, transparency, politeness, simplicity, diversity and inclusion. We appreciate people and sustainability.


Over the years, we have sought to build strong partnerships, establish communication channels and build relationships of mutual trust in order to recognize their needs.

Our stakeholders understand who our relationship audiences are and who can be impacted directly or indirectly by our operations. These impacts, positive or negative, are mapped by the Company and monitored throughout the year, reinforcing our value relationships.

Management for Sustainability

The Sustainability area disseminates and reinforces the concept of sustainability among employees and stakeholders, promoting daily and innovative attitudes towards building a company committed to sustainability, seeking high standards of governance based on transparency and ethics in the face of a diverse set of relations with many different audiences.

Women’s Empowerment Principles

One of the main sustainable paper and packaging industries in Brazil, Irani becomes a Signatory of the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) of the United Nations (UN). This document, signed by almost 700 companies of different segments and sizes in the country, establishes commitments to be followed with the aim of eliminating discrimination against women in the community and in the job market.

We are signatories and supporters of the ODS SC Movement 

This voluntary initiative brings together organizations from various sectors in support of the Sustainable Development Goals, in line with the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda. Irani has been a signatory and supporter of the ODS SC Movement since 2020.

Fórum Empresas e Direitos LGBTI+

Created in March 2013, the Forum is a business movement with permanent action, bringing together large companies around 10 Commitments to the promotion of LGBTI+ human rights. By becoming signatories, we reaffirm our commitment to respect, promote and support the diversity and rights of LGBTI+ people in the value relationships we build to generate prosperity. Thus, we take another step towards an increasingly diverse and inclusive Irani.

Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism is a global movement that brings together companies focused on generating value in all forms of relationships. Thus, they work with the vision of being the best companies for the world, not just the best companies in the world, encouraging the promotion of sustainable and conscientious practices. Together with Instituto Capitalismo Consciente Brasil (ICCB), we are part of an active mobilization front and we have participated in the creation of the Santa Catarina Branch. Together, we are going to transform the way in which investments and businesses are made. Click here to learn more.

Global Compact

We have been signatories to the Global Compact since 2007. The Pact seeks to mobilize the international business community for the adoption of values in the fields of human rights, labor relations, environment and anti-corruption. Involved are companies that seek to manage their growth in a responsible manner, encompassing the interests and concerns of their stakeholders. In 2012 we made a commitment at Rio+20 to contribute to building a more sustainable course of action for the world.

Business Pact For Integrity and Against Corruption

The pact encourages a more upright and ethical market and strives to eradicate bribery and corruption in commercial relations. We have been signatories to the Pact, developed by the Ethos Institute, since 2007.