We operate entirely with contpaper in the production chain.

And make use of complementary relationship interfaces to integrate with the reality of those with whom we do business.

Result:Service excellence through safe and innovative solutions that increase customer profitability – better protecting their products with lighter packaging and enhanced strength.

Intelligence in Production


Irani maintains a systematic program to manage partnerships with universities, clients, suppliers, competitors and Scientific and Technological Institutes (ICTs), primarily designed to generate technological innovation in an open manner.



Irani’s R&D area is structured to carry out basic and applied research according to the demand generated by the internal and market innovative activities. It is active in all stages of the process, from seed to final product (paper and packaging).



For product development, Irani maintains a structured area in all of its industrial facilities. Aligned with market trends, it develops products in an innovative fashion, always seeking the best solutions and conducting tests based on the top technologies.

Specialized professionals:

In all of its businesses, Irani employs highly qualified technicians, engineers and designers to develop economically viable, environmentally correct and socially just solutions.


Irani is a partner of the main associations and institutes in order to be always attentive to the principal market trends and offer novel products and services to clients in all of our businesses.


We work from end-to-end

Our production is integrated from forests to finished products, which ensures excellent quality of origin and serves as motivation to invest in the best solutions for all businesses: forestry, paper, packaging and resin.

With respect to the main norms and regulations, we are always attentive to sustainable and innovative initiatives that can optimize the productive process and generate positive impact in the communities in which we operate.



Value for the Environment:
• Environmental management
• Permanent Preservation Areas
• Statutory reserve
• Rehabilitation of degraded areas
• Biodiversity protection
• Company with a positive carbon balance
• MDL projects
• Waste management with a focus on circular economy
• Recyclable waste processing

Value for the Society:
• Environmental awareness
• Social projects
• Promoting people development: employees, business partners and communities
• Development of the surrounding communities
• Respect to Diversity the inclusion of people with disabilities
• Code of Ethics and Integrity Program
• Global agreement
• Business Pact For Integrity and Against Corruption
• Volunteering
• Partnerships for study and research

Value for the Customer:
• Customer focus
• Technical Assistance
• Logistics solutions
• Prosperous relationships to lasting ones
• Innovation
• Certifications