Our business is conducted by people who put their optimism into practice and change the lives of other people by having a sustainable approach and sustainable solutions.

Our mission is to create valuable relationships and prosperity.

And this structuring starts with the first steps we take.

Irani is dedicated to have people choose it as their place to work and hopes that its employees remain with us for a long time, that they grow and develop and feel that they are a part of the Company and the projects they help construct.

Why work at Irani?

Being one of Brazil’s best companies in which to work is part of our vision; this only comes about when our employees recognize us in this manner.

In order to ensure a systemic look at people management of all of its units, Irani invests in the creation of programs, projects and activities that offer the best working conditions that offer opportunities for development and establish a top organizational climate.


Thinking about the health, safety and quality of life of our employees is one of the premises of people management, which also provides the following benefits:

The Company operates restaurants in all its industrial units. Administrative office staff receive meal vouchers through agreements or restaurant cards. Employees also receive a basic monthly food basket or food card.

Agreed transportation assistance for employees residing far from the manufacturing units.


Life insurance
Irani offers group life insurance, benefiting employees and family members.


Health insurance
In all units, Irani has partnerships with Health Plans that cover all employees and direct dependents.

Dental Care
With values for procedures that are lower than those practiced in the market, dental expenses are split between the company and the employee through a payroll discount plan.

Agreement with pharmacies
It allows employees to use up to 20% of their nominal salary to make purchases at accredited establishments up to 40 days in advance of receiving their monthly salaries.

Education Grants
The Development and Education Incentive Policy is a form of investment that aims to train and improve the qualification and professional development of employees.

A corporate benefit that provides access to many gyms, studios, therapy and nutrition sessions and physical and mental wellbeing activities that are available depending on the plan that the employee decides to sign up to.

Baby & Me
A partnership with Funcional and Nestlé that gives 8% discount on baby food for five and under.

Profit Sharing Program
The Results Participation Program (RPP) intensifies the relationship with employees by monitoring their success factors, while also recognizing them for their efforts and for meeting the year’s proposed targets.

Number of Employees


we are a Great Place To Work

included in the Top Ser Humano(Best Human Being) 2016, 2017, 2019
and 2021 by ABRH/RS

we invest over R$1.5 millionannually in
education and

we have over2,200direct

Our Programs

It follows the progress of the entire professional cycle of our employees, including the processes of attraction, engagement and monitoring of their in-company history. Thus, we seek to support the cultural alignment of our employees and empower them to take charge of their own careers.

One of its objectives is to generate diversity, with actions designed to respect diversity and equal opportunities regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation or disabilities of any kind.

Main actions: Selection of personnel, Young Apprentice Program, internships, the Generate Diversity Program (inclusion), Integration, functional monitoring and termination processes.

The Motivate Program seeks to strengthen employee engagement through a stimulating and motivating workplace environment.

Main actions: Organizational Climate Survey, recognition for amount of time with the company and motivational activities.

It features actions focused on empowering people by offering contemporary, face-to-face and dynamic teaching-learning opportunities. Hence, we develop high performance teams, protagonists in the challenging practices of our businesses and the market.

Main actions: Corporate Education, incentives for formal education, in-house and external training, theatrical and choral workshops and encouragement of reading, with availability of books through the Elida de Freitas and Castro Druck Library.

This is our commitment to life. The Program is part of our occupational health and safety system. It aims to ensure that working conditions are appropriate and safe for employees and service providers, bolstering Irani’s occupational health and safety culture.

Main actions: assessment of the physical structures of the units, quantification of occupational exposure, SESMT standardization, humanization of processes, corporate campaigns related to the promotion of quality of life and constant training of leaders and operational teams.

For 10 years, the Overcome Program has stimulated personal and professional development through a series of structured actions designed to evaluate employees based on the development of skills and achieving results. Thus, it provides opportunities for self-understanding, strengthening of the feedback culture, stimulating productivity, and people through an annual assessment of individual performance based on skills and results.

Main actions: annual performance evaluation and formal half-yearly and annual feedback.