Structured to meet all client demands.

Our Technical Assistance department conducts preventive and corrective visits, development and training activities to educate our clients.

Preventive visits are based on an annual plan. They are designed to identify opportunities for improvement, both in customer production processes and products.

Corrective visits are scheduled to respond quickly to any problem engendered to the client, identifying the causes and presenting the appropriate remedial measures.

Irani is willing to resolve 100% of the problems presented during a technical visit.

Surveys of entry requirements or improvement opportunities for partnership projects, line automation, new product development and sustainability projects also are on the agendas of the technical visits.

This visit allows us to understand each client’s reality and products, their logistics, packaging, storage and other specificities that determine the development parameters of the ideal product.

All products developed by Irani are monitored by the technical assistance staff as of the first use by the customer. This ensures higher performance and safe supply.

Types of technical visits


Propose projects and solutions to the Client.

Anticipate possible problems through follow-ups.

To address eventual complaints from clients and troubleshoot problems.

Training at Irani 
Client professionals come to Irani and are trained in the entire production process, from seed to end product.

In-company training

It is conducted by Irani’s professional staff in the customer unit.
They explore the main attributes of the products, expanding client understanding and ensure even greater market success.