Environmental management

Our Sustainability policy is aligned with the relevant standards and reflects our commitment to our stakeholders by meeting the applicable legal requirements, pollution prevention, environmental conservation, minimizing environmental impacts and improving continuous in order to optimize our operating performance, leading the activities according to the best practices in environmental management.

The certifications achieved reflect the effectiveness of our environmental management system, audited internally and externally.

Circular Economy

Circular economics was born of the concept that it may be more advantageous and cheaper to reuse and recycle resources than to extract virgin materials.

The final destination of a material is no longer a matter of waste management, but part of the process or a new process.

This concept, in essence, is very much in line with our business, from the planting of the forests to the return of the chips to the production of paper.


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Carbon Positive

We are a company with a positive carbon balance, we remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we emit.

In addition, we were the first company in Brazil to certify an Inventory of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) according to ISO 14064: 2006.

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Corporate Inventory of Greenhouse Gases Year 2023


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