Build value relationships through knowledge sharing.

Irani over time has developed more interaction with universities, innovation centers, technology parks, business incubators, suppliers and companies willing to carry out partnership projects.

We do this through technical cooperation agreements and by launching technological challenges, seeking new concepts, technological solutions and new business development.

Universities and Innovation Centers
Students, professors and researchers to develop basic and applied research

Business in early stages or growth and with solutions applicable to the forestry, paper and packaging sector

Technology Parks and Business Incubators

Connections with different market niches and innovation ecosystems

New impactful technologies, features and ideas


Irani Labs is our startup connection program that ensures our culture of innovation remains vibrant and improves our relationships with innovative ecosystems. We want to use this program to create competitive and sustainable solutions that generate value and accelerate the transformation of the paper and packaging industry. The first iteration in 2020 resulted in four Proof of Concepts (PoC) being developed alongside the winning startups. The second competition, for 2021, is still ongoing and eleven finalists have already pitched their ideas. Up to five winners from these will develop their PoCs with us.



Irani Ventures is a Corporate Venture Capital vehicle. It was launched recently to invest in startups and accelerate the development of ones that are in tune with our business model. This initiative enables us to reinforce our innovation strategy with Irani Labs, our startup connection program, and to build, over the next seven years, a portfolio of 20 startups, offering an award-winning acceleration program that includes investment of up to R$1 million per startup.