Seeking excellence consists of reinventing yourself every day in your products, services, processes and management.

For Irani, Innovation is more than a choice; it is a value. A fundamental element in the personality of companies that seek to be among the best.

And this is perceived in our products, services, processes, management and in how we build our relationships.

People who ask themselves daily about the best way to act tend to present the best solutions.

Innovation-oriented structure

Innovation actions are part of the Programa Inova, which, in addition to being responsible for the management of ideas, also involves the Innovation Culture and Open Innovation initiatives.

Among the actions of this structuring program are the training of our teams to strengthen the innovation culture and the relationship with startups, universities and other institutions regarding the expanded attitude concept.

Through the Irani Programa Inova, we aim to stimulate innovation and creativity so that everyone can receive recognition and results are bolstered.