We generate positive impact by transforming people’s lives with sustainable attitudes and solutions.

We share our Integrated Report 2022 (ESG), developed for the third consecutive year in accordance with the principles and methodology of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). In it, we present our sustainable movements: business vision, performance for the year 2022, future opportunities and commitments.

In a transparent, complete and comprehensive way, the document consolidates all the actions developed during the past year and that reinforce our mission to always continue building valuable relationships with employees, surrounding communities, customers, suppliers, shareholders, government and society. Therefore, the material presents our ESG Commitments until 2030, information on the business model and main assets that drive us forward.

As in other years, our Integrated Report 2022 (ESG) was submitted to external verification and the responsible auditing company issued the assurance report that guarantees the balance and materiality of the information.

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Sustainability Report