A company that generates value is one that, in addition to bringing results to customers, also contributes in a relevant way to the world.


To be possible, we have to place people at the center of every strategy, understanding society’s movements and with the purpose of transforming people’s lives.

At Irani, we build out Strategic Planning thinking how we want to be 10 years from now. The strategy is reviewed every three years. The current cycle comprehend the period from 2021 to 2030.

Transforming people’s lives with sustainable attitudes and solutions.

it is our purpose, what guides our attitudes and drives us to be the Irani we want in 2030.


Build valuable relationships to generate prosperity.


be the best and most admired company in the businesses in which it operates.



Transforming people’s lives and generating prosperity bring a lot of responsibilities. Our values ​​guide our daily lives, conduct our coexistence as employees, the decision-making process, and the behavior in the search for a vision of the future.


Life, first of all

We respect all the lives that make up our ecosystem. We seek balance and security in everything we do.


We balance, with proper governance, environmental, economic and social responsibilities.


We make it happen. We have courage and we believe in autonomy and empowerment.

Diversity and Inclusion

We respect and welcome each individual. We value the power of differences.


We treat people with cordiality and respect, which are essential for building valuable relationships.


We understand integrity and ethics as the foundation of everything we do.

Focus of the client

We understand the challenges of our clients and work together, with agility and excellence, for the sake of prosperity.


We value the new. We understand that resilience, agility and permission to make mistakes are essential for creating new solutions.

The process of reviewing our strategy allows us to envision the Irani we want to be in 2030:

Growing with the generation of differentiated value for shareholders.

Optimized capital structure.

Self-sufficient in renewable energy generation.

Among the best to work in Brazil.

Market reference.

Innovative, diverse and inclusive.